Technical services


ORADOC’s experience and know-how allow for customized solutions, from design, construction and assembly to installation and commissioning.

Maintenance, fixing and set-up services offered by ORADOC guarantee the optimization of the working life of Perfect Doctoring Systems’ critical components.

ORADOC also provides specific, advanced tools to measure the performance of paper machines and plants, monitor production processes and verify the operating status of critical components, to ensure production quality and superior performance.

The installation stage is key to guarantee the success of each project, where  qualified personnel can make the difference. ORADOC can offer turnkey installations or a qualified supervisor who will guarantee the correct assembling and on-site staff coordination, over the whole installation, start-up and testing stages.

With the aim to offer a quick and efficient service, ORADOC monitors and takes care of every single detail, to guarantee its customers highly performing, efficient and safe products. The recurring attention to regulations and eventual substitution of worn-out components are part of ordinary and special maintenance programs. Each intervention is documented with an accurate report made by our technicians, in which the examined equipment conditions and the actions taken to solve possible problems are shown.

The correct knowledge of ORADOC products is essential in order to get the best from their application, which is why ORADOC provides technical training programs for:

  • The use of their products
  • Preventive maintenance interventions
  • The use of OraTec™ vibration measurement systems
  • Correct evaluation and interpretation of vibration measurements

Machines are tested to establish the actual conditions of fans or pumps, then data is processed to determine if the device being evaluated needs repair or replacement.

Through this simple test it is possible to check the real efficiency of vacuum pumps, determining, as a consequence, the internal conditions. By measuring the electrical absorption based on the vacuum generated, it is possible to determine if the pump is working in optimal conditions and also evaluate the economic optimization of the vacuum management.

Upon customer’s request, drainage curves can also be carried out on site to detect the current working conditions of the drainage surface; subsequently, the collected data are processed in the laboratory, the situation is analyzed and, if necessary, any improvements are proposed.

Alignment, with a precision topographic instrument, of the draining elements on a flat table.

ORADOC’s over thirty years of experience allows its technicians and engineers to carry out analyzes and surveys on the system, providing precise reports on performance, conditions and recommendations to improve performance and solve any problems identified.

Thanks to a technical check it is possible to evaluate the existing conditions of the case and of the ceramic or plastic covers, to understand, based on the state of the cases, the wear of the blades, the alignment and any ceramic breakages if we need to intervene based on a high priority (intervene as soon as possible) medium or low; check the state of wear, condition.

The measurement and analysis of vibrations and other variables allows you to monitor and optimize the creping process and to early identify any anomalies in the scraping systems and the Yankee cylinder, such as chatter marks.

The remote monitoring and analysis of the vibration measurements carried out by the engineers and technicians at the ORADOC control center, allow, thanks to the advanced technology of the OraTec ™ FX real time acquisition systems, to diagnose and report process anomalies and damages early, thus allowing to plan any corrective and maintenance interventions before risking an unplanned plant shutdown.

The analyzes on the blades include qualitative and quantitative investigations to characterize the type and wear profile of the blade, to verify the conditions of efficiency and blade-cylinder interaction to identify any damage to the critical components of the scraping systems.

These technical investigations provide for the characterization of the blade material according to the following tests:

  • Geometric and wear profile analysis
  • Visual examination with an optical and scanning electron microscope
  • Hardness and roughness measurements
  • Chemical / physical composition analysis
  • Residual voltage measurements
  • Stress measurements under operating conditions

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