• Technology in the cloud: onsite and remote monitoring of tissue creping process
    After having developed the first vibration monitoring system more than 20 years ago and after years of in-depth research in the field of tissue creping process, Oradoc has developed OraTec™, a family of monitoring systems conceived to measure Yankee doctors behavior. Portable or fixed, OraTec™ offers a real support to the papermakers through the analysis of objective data detected on the tissue machine, thus allowing to foresee and quickly counter the possible occurrence of chatter marks. [...]

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere special edition MIAC – October 2019

  • Doctoring to improve: Lucart adopts Oradoc solutions for new tissue machine
    When it comes to doctoring, companies all over the world know that they can trust Oradoc and its long-standing experience, that’s why they rely on Oradoc to suggest, design, produce and install the perfect solution for any production line or plant. At the end of last year, Oradoc supplied all the doctoring positions of the Lucartgroup Spa’s Porcari plant PM12, which replaced their PM2, first installed in 1976. [...]

    Magazine: World Pulp&Paper – June 2019

  • Oradoc tips for choosing the right creping doctor for tissue machine
    Could you ever imagine your daily routine without toilet paper, napkins, handkerchief, paper towel? Tissue paper products have become one of the most essential commodities of daily life: they firstly came into use in 1920’s and since then the consumption of tissue paper has been consistently increasing, thanks to changing lifestyles, rising healthcare expenditures, increasing population and GDP. A number of properties - such as absorption, porosity, coarseness, tensile strength, and tactility - determine the quality of tissue paper. A proper creping plays a key role in obtaining such characteristics and a good finishing of the final product.[...]

    Magazine: TissueMag – May 2019

  • Creping goes tech
    An automated and effective tool to support paper mills in solving problems affecting the tissue creping stage, thus optimizing production in terms of both quantity and quality of the finished product. All supported by a remote control service. An example of how technology and experience can help in sorting paper mill problems out.

    Magazine: Industria della Carta n.2 speciale Automazione – April 2019 (Italian)

  • OraTec, Oradoc solution to optimize the creping process
    Softness, thickness, liquid absorption capacity and tear strength are only some of the specific features that diversify tissue from other kinds of paper: in the production and converting process, creping plays a key role in obtaining such characteristics. Many other variables influence the final quality of the finished product; among these, the possible onset of chatter marks represents with no doubt one of the most dangerous risk for the Yankee cylinder surface. During the last MIAC edition, Eng. Maurizio Tomei presented OraTec, the vibration monitoring system that Oradoc has specifically conceived to control the creping process variables on the Yankee cylinder.

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere n.6 – Novembre/December 2018 (Italian)

  • Press roll dewatering optimization through performing doctoring systems
    In paper, board and tissue production lines, optimizing dewatering in the first stages of the production process is fundamental to reduce energy consumption. Depending on type of application, Oradoc has developed advanced dewatering systems that take advantage of single or double flexible doctors equipped with saveall tray that are really efficient and extremely easy to install. This article presents an installation by our customer Saigon Paper in Vietnam.

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere n.5 – October 2018

  • Flexible, safer, performing: Essity Lucca1 entrusts the creping of PM3 to Oradoc
    Oradoc and Essity already shared part of the road: their collaboration started when the Lucca1 plant was still part of the SCA group. Over the years the Lucca1 plant has successfully tested Oradoc solutions and in 2014 it was decided to proceed with a complete upgrade of PM4 by installing a new creping system and the innovative, semi-automatic blade extractor. Given the satisfactory results obtained, the same solution was adopted in 2017 for PM3.

    Magazine: World Pulp & Paper – May 2018

  • Flexibility perfection: Oradoc improves creping performances
    Rigid creping systems often require unexpected shutdown and complex manual operations to adjust the creping angle: in the case history presented in this article, Oradoc suggested the installation of the OraSet System, the evolution of the OraCrepe flexible creping doctor that allows changing the creping angle while the machine is running. This solution also allows lower linear working pressure and therefore extends the cylinder service life.

    Magazine: TissueMag – May 2018

  • Cartiere Modesto Cardella chooses Oradoc for the rebuilding of the MC4 drying section
    With the aim of increasing production capacity and optimizing process energy efficiency, the Cartiere Modesto Cardella plant in San Pietro a Vico entrusted Oradoc with the supply of high-performance flexible doctoring systems. Following technical meetings and inspections necessary for dimensional measurements, the scope of supply was defined: Oradoc technical office has therefore developed a complete solution for 14 new doctoring systems that have been installed on the new dryer cylinders.

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere n-5 – October 2017 (Italian)

  • ORADOC improves the dewatering of the Celtex paper mill of Pratolungo
    Oradoc and Celtex, both protagonists since the early 80s respectively in the world of doctoring systems and in the production of high quality tissue, have set up their expertise to optimize the production of the PM1 continuous machine of the Celtex site of Villa Basilica, in the province of Lucca.

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere n.5 – October 2016 (Italian)

  • Know-how, research, measurable results: Oradoc is synonym of doctoring system
    Oradoc has designed the very first blade holder in 1982 and has since then represented a benchmark in the supply of doctoring solutions, related accessories and services, both for OEM as well as for end-users. Faithful to the professionalism proven in the past, an even more ambitious and strategic development project has now begun with the new ownership, which intends to further invest in technological innovation and market expansion.

    Magazine: Carta&Cartiere n.5 – October 2015 (Italian)

  • Oradoc gets renewed and aims at global market
    The recent acquisition of Oradoc - a Novarese company specialized in doctoring systems for paper and tissue - by two Tuscan companies operating for years in the paper industry, projects the company towards new ambitious goals. The new property aims to further develop the global expansion of the business already consolidated by Oradoc over the years, to invest in research and development projects to keep up with the times and with the changes related to increasingly innovative technological solutions, to further customize products and services to meet the changing needs of a constantly developing market.

    Magazine: Industria della Carta n.5 – October 2015 (Italian)


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