Blades for doctoring solutions, but compatible with other holders. Blades suitable for any kind of application, available in different types, dimensions and thicknesses. Also available with different types of rivets, pins and for any kind of doctors.
Standard size: 75 mm width and 45° bevel. Other sizes on request.

  • OraBlade™ is available in the following materials:
  • ACT: Tempered carbon steel
  • 301: Stainless steel 18/8
  • 420: Stainless steel 13% Cr
  • BRF: Phosphor bronze, acid-proof
  • MON: Monel K 500
  • REV-SF: Epoxy resins with superfine fiberglass
  • REV-ST: Epoxy resin with fiberglass, reinforced
  • REC-SF: Epoxy resin with cotton fibers and glass
  • REV-K2: Epoxy resin with fiberglass and 2 layers of carbon fibers
  • REV-K4: Epoxy resin with fiberglass and 4 layers of carbon fibers
  • REV-KT: Epoxy resin with 100% of carbon fibers
  • RFC-LF: Phenolic resin with cotton fibers and carbon
  • REV-A: Epoxy resin with fiberglass and Silicium Carbide
  • PE : High density polyethylene

Blades are available in any length and can be equipped with pins, rivets or springs for any ORADOC doctor and for most of other doctors used.


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