Special elements


This category includes all the components that can be integrated into drainage systems, completing the layout as needed.

top former

Ceramic elements for top former box

Top former ceramic coverings can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Based on customer’s requirements, highly customized solutions are developed for ceramic covering of the top former. Each ceramic element is fixed on a stainless steel structure that guarantees the correct and independent removal of each element.

The configuration is designed to ensure the machine best performance in terms of energy consumption and the best finished product quality.

coperture transfer

Transfer box

These covers are to be installed on those suction boxes placed immediately after a roller coupler, the profile of the cover is designed to maximize the coupling efficiency of the different layers of paper.

The ceramic elements are fitted on a stainless steel frame so that each element can be removed independently.

These covers can be supplied in any material but ceramic materials are to be preferred, as they can better endure the high friction coefficient caused by the high level of vacuum and the strong mechanical stress due to the pressure exercised by the roller coupler.

The structure of the stainless steel box is designed to withstand pressures to around 50kPa.

The box is equipped with an inspection hatch on the operator side, analog vacuum gauge and a false air valve.

cassa pick-up

Pick-up box

These boxes belong to the same felt boxes family and they are called like this because their main function is to pick the sheet up, detach it from the web and pass it to the felt by applying a vacuum force.

The box structure can differ and it is designed in the most suitable way to best fit the installation area.

cassa antibolla

Antibubbles box

This type of box belongs to the felt box family, but – even if it is installed in the felt area as well – it has a different employment: its main function is to eliminate the air bubbles that may be generated between felt and paper, so to assure a smoother web.

Cassetto aspira rifili

Trimmings aspiration box

These boxes are installed at the end of the wire zone, just before the felts area, at both web sides, and they are conceived to vacuum collect paper trimmings.


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