Reliable and high performing

OraSlick™ is a rigid blade holder used in cutoff or cleaning position. It is made in stainless steel and it is loaded through pneumatic cylinders and it is equipped with adjustable screws for profiling. Its special design facilitates blade extraction even in the presence of dirt and persistent incrustations. OraSlick™ blade holders are available with the FLAP option, that allows the cutoff doctor to act as a deflector for the warm air coming from the hood: in this way, any interference generated in the paper path is eliminated. In addition, the doctor back can be equipped with a sheet wing stabilizer to improve the control of the paper sheet.

Technical characteristics

  • Standard working load in cleaning position: 50-450 daN/m
  • Standard working load in cut-off position: 300-550 daN/m
  • Adjustable blade stick-out: from 15 to 35 mm
  • Employs blades of different height
  • Blades: steel

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