Introducing flexibility in rigid doctoring

As the ‘most flexible among rigid doctors’, OraLock™ can boast the profiling advantages of a flexible solution along with the robust design of a rigid one.

Compared to a traditional rigid doctoring, OraLock™ offers:

  • Flexibility during profiling set-up procedure & rigid behavior during operation
  • More accurate and high-performance profiling on the Yankee cylinder
  • Easier and quicker profiling set-up with less mechanical skills needed
  • Blade working load optimization
  • Improvement in blade and Yankee surface lifetime

Technical features:

  • Standard working load: 200-400 daN/m
  • Maximum working load: 1200 daN/m
  • Lenght ≤ 12m
  • Material: AISI 316/304
  • Mechanical or pneumatic oscillation system
  • Pneumatic loading
  • More accurate profiling

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