The right adaptability to improve performances

OraFlex™ is the family of flexible blade holders specifically conceived for tissue production. Thanks to their ability to guarantee roll cleaning even under the most unfavorable conditions, OraFlex™ blade holders are the most widely used in critical positions, such as

  • Presses
  • Breast roll
  • First and last dryer
  • Calender
  • Pope reel

When working conditions are more critical, they are also used in the most typical positions of the rigid OraClean™ blade holders, guaranteeing maximum pressure uniformity along the roll’s surface without the need for profiling.
OraFlex™ doctors can be oscillating in order to attain the utmost cleaning efficiency. OraFlex™ blade holders are manufactured in several versions, each suitable for the particular characteristics of a given application.
OraFlex™ doctors can also be equipped with OraFlow™, the paper removal system through air blowing, used following a paper sheet break.


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