Flexibility meets control


OraCrepe™ is the controlled-flexibility pneumatic creping blade holder that adapts its profile to the Yankee cylinder crowning.

Compared to traditional rigid or semi-rigid blade holders, OraCrepe™ can guarantee:

  • Self-profiling, no need to manually adjust on the Yankee cylinder crowning
  • Better blade holder adaptability on the Yankee cylinder roundness
  • Uniform blade linear pressure along the entire face width
  • Possibility of lower blade load
  • Easier blade holder internal cleaning

Technical characteristics:

  • Standard working load: 200-350 daN/m/li>
  • Maximum working load: 600 daN/m
  • Adjustable blade stick-out: from 12 to 45 mm
  • Employs blades of different height
  • Edge tube depressors: mechanical, adjustable while the machine is running
  • Blade detection sensor with VACU-SAFE panel
  • Accepted blades: steel, with or without ceramic tip

ELV system

The ELV (Edge Load Variation) system ensures continuous and independent pressure control at the edges of the cylinder, by means of an independent pressure regulator and depressors. In this way, the fibers buildups at the edges are perfectly removed, maintaining the right blade load along the paper width.

Technical characteristics:

  • Can be installed on any version of OraCrepe™ blade holder
  • Maximum blade edge load: up to 600 daN/m
  • Blade load control: through pressure regulator


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