Track FX 4.0: new features in creping process monitoring

    Track FX 4.0: new features in creping process monitoring

    The latest issue of “Carta & Cartiere”, special edition MIAC 2021, features an article (in Italian) on the most recent features that Oradoc has implemented in creping process monitoring: the release of version 4.0 of the Track FX software, installed on OraTec FX, takes advantage of a new algorithm for the detection of vibration trends that emphasizes process changes in high-performance, high-speed machines.

    Customized data processing, alarm system, historical trend analysis and visualization software specifically designed for the creping application, with an intuitive and friendly operator interface: with release 4.0, Track FX reaches an even higher level of detail and greater functionality, to further facilitate paper makers in one of the most delicate phases of the tissue production process.

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