Siam Kraft Industry’s new order brings Oradoc to Thailand again

    Siam Kraft Industry’s new order brings Oradoc to Thailand again

    A new important Oradoc supply is on its way to Thailand: our valuable customer Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. placed an order for 21 full doctoring systems for PM1 and PM3 at their Ban Pong plant and for PM4 at their Wangsala plant. Hence, OraClean and OraFlex will be installed on wire part, dryer rolls and canvas stretcher roll, thus renovating some of the most important positions of the paper machine.  Moreover, all doctoring systems will be supplied along with their control cabinet and electromechanical oscillation.

    Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. belongs to SCG Packaging, the first manufacturer of high-quality packaging paper in Thailand and the biggest manufacturer in Southeast Asia, with Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia (new entry) as its manufacturing bases. Equipped with as many as more than 15 paper machines, it can boast a production of 2.3 million tons of packaging paper annually, fully complying with international standards, thanks to its quality-control process.

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