Are you ready for a disruptive innovation in Yankee doctoring?

December 2nd marks the day of a groundbreaking doctor (r)evolution!
A patented, brand-new, innovative doctoring system that deserves a unique place in the creping history: OraLock™, the perfect fit for all Yankee cylinders.

OraLock™ represents the evolution in creping doctoring systems, to give you reliable results.
Fond of rigid solution, but looking for better profiling on the Yankee?
Willing to stick to a robust and reliable design, but interested in optimizing blade load?
OraLock™ is the answer you’ve been looking for: a doctoring system with exceptional characteristics, to guarantee top performances, such as more accurate profiling on the Yankee and a quicker and easier set-up.

    Who we are, what we do

    Oradoc is specialized in the design, production, assembly and after-sales assistance of complex doctoring systems. Oradoc products are employed in many different industrial fields: be it paper, wood, food, tissue or plastic, Oradoc can offer high performing solutions for cutting, cleaning and creping doctoring positions. Oradoc integrates its complete doctoring systems’ offer with the supply of related accessories, spare parts and blades.

    Oradoc can also provide measurement solutions specifically designed to monitor process parameters and optimize production performances.

    You deserve the best, do not settle for less.