Tissue World 2017, change and progress
28 April 2017

Dewatering optimization of Celtex plant


ORADOC and Celtex joined forces to optimize the production of the PM1 located in the Celtex plant in Villa Basilica, Lucca.

After an accurate technical study carried out at the plant, the ORADOC’s engineers staff suggested to substitute the dewatering system on the blind holes press, originally equipped with a single blade, with a new specifically designed one, on which two Oraflex doctors were installed. Since the beginning the advantages in terms of production and energy savings were evident, as the mill manager Lorenzetti pointed out: “The solution implemented by ORADOC with the two Oraflex blade holders contributed to increase the production by 8% thanks to an increase in the dry material.

This result was also obtained by optimizing the energy consumption, thanks to the possibility to decrease the hoods temperature and the pressure of the Yankee steam. This positive result pays back the investment and trust towards ORADOC”.